Thomas Aquinas College

Thomas Aquinas College

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In the fall of 1971, a small group of scholars set out on a mission that was both audacious in its scope and humble in its reliance on Divine Providence. With neither an endowment nor a steady stream of revenue, with a freshman class of just 33 students, and with only the leased site of a shuttered seminary for a campus, these men inaugurated the first semester of classes at Thomas Aquinas College.

Four decades later, on a beautiful campus neighboring California’s Los Padres National Forest, stands the Thomas Aquinas College of today — a witness to its founders’ faith and diligence. The College’s ranks have swelled to the maximum capacity of 350 students, and a roster of distinguished faculty has expanded accordingly. While holding true to its founding vision, the College has earned a national reputation for academic and spiritual vigor, becoming a model for the many new, faithful Catholic schools that have followed. Through God’s grace, it has also graduated generations of alumni who have gone on to faithfully serve the Church and society in myriad ways.


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